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Formula Issues

I have a report that lists projects by priority, if the project becomes more urgent, say an expedite is required, I want the affected project to move higher up the list, basically for the sake of visibility.

We have an age formula column: Round(DateDiff(Today(),$C_SHASPRIORITY,"W"),0)

and there is also available either shipping expedite toggle or expediting fee as currency.   I thought using the dateadd function would work but it was not available for the report. Any suggestions?

Geraldine Byrd Answered

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Hello Geraldine,

If a function is not available in the report formula column, this means it is only available in calculated fields (i.e. custom fields). The problem with them is that one can't use date functions (e.g. Today(), Now()) in them. 

Could you please clarify why you need to use the DateAdd() function? I think that the DateDiff() function returns a numeral, so you could just add or subtract another numeral from the result.

Thank you,


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