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Exclamation Point / Recalculate - details?

If i see the exclamation point icon on my project, and select the 'Recalculate' action, can you tell me the specific details on what would be recalculated?  Is it specific to the task dependencies and schedules? Is it recalculating time-phased financials?  Recalculating resource rates?  All of the above?

Cindy Johnson Answered

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Hello Cindy,

You may see an exclamation point on your project if there was a change at the organization level or at the project level.

Project level changes are more obvious, but here are some changes at the organization level that can cause your projects to recalculate:

1. New exceptions added to your organization calendar

2. Changes to rates/costs

3. Changes to currency rates

4. Changes to user billing/cost rates

5. System Settings

Please contact your Clarizen Administrator to verify if any of these changes were made.

Thank you,


Vygantas Grabliauskas
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