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Utilization and Capacity Question

Hi All,

I am trying to setup User Groups, Working Hours, and Capacity to accurately portray utilization. 

My question is, how do you handle a persons utilization when they have a 40 hour work week, but let's say only 16 of those hours are to be considered against their utilization %. If I have them at 40 hours per week, as it stands, their utilization will be very low and will skew the overall number.

I tried looking into Availability, but I'm not quite sure how this works in regards to capacity per user.

Today, we have a report with a formula field looking at Approved Hours/Capacity x 100 to give us each person's Utilization %.


How can I calculate this for those who work 40 hours per week, but aren't expected to be "billable" for all 40 hours?

Thank you,


Jamie Berger Answered

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Hi Jamie,

You could either adjust the calendar to reflect their billable capacity or update the formula. Maybe you could use Approved Hours/(Capacity * (16/40)) x 100 instead of Approved Hours/Capacity x 100 to achieve the desired value.

I hope this helps.


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