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Have the url of tasks/requests/projects be a standard field

Currently to get the url of a task/request/project one must use custom fields and use the forumula:



It would be great if we did not have to use our limited number of custom fields for this and if it was a standard field on the objects.


I realize this is a niche request but wanted to put it out there.

Jared Thompson Not planned

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David Goulden,

1st scenario:

We use the API to ingest intakes from headquarters and create requests in clarizen.  We then take those requests and send out digital datasheets to sets of people that show what was created with other details.  With the custom formula field we are able to retrieve the url to make clickable links in the datasheets so people can be taken directly to the request they want to see/interact with.  


2nd scenario:

We use the API to generate tasks on specific projects based on some criteria from external systems.  Sometimes we highlight those tasks to different people and send them urls to the direct tasks.


Again - this is all working and we are using custom formula fields for them, I just think the url to the object could be a standard field instead of using customer's custom field counts to get the information. 

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