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Update on how to "push" an installed app from prod to the sandbox

I am looking for some help on the updated steps to push an app from prod  to our sandbox environment. What I have seen so far seems a bit dated, i.e, over three years ago.

Thank you in advance.

Ray Leung Answered

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Hello Raymond,

1. Log in to Clarizen production with admin credentials
2. Go to Application tab
3. Open the app you would like to export
4. Add &exp=true at the end of the URL and click Enter
This should create a cap file and download it to your hard drive (you can find the app file in the Downloads section of your browser)

1. Log in to your training box account
2. Go to Applications tab 
3. Import Application
4. Choose the cap file you saved on your hard drive
5. Install the app and then enable

Diana Sandura
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