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Add content to Time to Update Your Progress emails

We would like to be able to add a link in the Time to Update Your Progress emails pointing to training information on how to respond to these emails.  Most of our users are Email users and do not have direct access to Clarizen.  They may be assigned tasks only periodically, so one-time training for all of our staff will not be productive for this.  Email users are experiencing some confusion when they get these emails, which could be lessened by an embedded link with detailed instructions.

If there is detailed information in Clarizen for responding to the Time to Update Your Progress email, and it is available to Email users, then Clarizen could add a link to that information in the notifications.  I could not find any email-user level information for this in the Clarizen Training or Help.

Drew Van Houten Not planned

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We're run into similar problem. We've created our own documentation prior to distribution of information to email users. That doesn't guarantee they understand or comply with the update request and we have to regularly do individual reminders.

The only place I know where Update your Progress email is described is - and it is not precisely "email user oriented".

If Clarizen doesn't intend to maintain a dedicated email user instruction page, it could maybe offer us to customize the body of the email - where we could add a link to our ad'hoc documentation/manual.

Thank for considering this point.


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