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Store and Display Link between Emails and Attachments outside of Discussion Posts


Posting as reqeusted.

When an email is used to create a discussion post or reply, the “email object” actually isn’t stored AS email – it is used to add a new Post or Reply object, and then THAT object can be linked to an attachment.

The challenge is that when you use Interact to attach an email to a Work Item (or to anything OTHER than a Discussion) the email is stored a Related Item (“Save Triggering Email”) and you can “Save Attachments” to create new Attachments to the same Work Item. In that process, however, you lose the connection between the EMAIL and the ATTACHMENT(s). There are no parameters or standard fields available to reflect the connection. There are no Link objects that mention emails – in fact, once you save the “triggering email” as an Email object, the email object is not available in Clarizen to add fields, workflows, actions, or anything else.

The minimum user story would be the creation of an Attachment Link between Files and Emails. This would be implemented by changing the Interact Rule “Save Attachments” to automatically create that link at the same time it is creating a separate link to the “Attached To” entity. The user interface for Related Emails then should have a hyperlink between the Emails and the Attachments, and there should be a Related Panel for Files that shows Email (or a hyperlink field on the File to the Email).

The ideal user story is that the Email Object should be exposed like any other Clarizen object (and have the ability to add custom fields, workflows, custom actions, etc.) and then the Attachment Link Object should available between the Related Entity (Email) and the Files. Plus all the minimum items mentioned above.

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