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Color Highlight Work Plan Task

Managing Project with many task.  Task are marked 100% complete but need to retain the order of Task in the Work Plan. Should be able to Highlight in a color those task that are 100% to allow the team to quickly focus on Task that are not complete rather than looking for a little green check mark or the 100% in a small field.  

Frank Blake Answered

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Go to the Work Plan and click on the settings cog. On the right hand window pane, find your 'Complete' field. Under the Format column, click on the blue text. This will open a Conditional Formatting window. Click add new rule. Then set the formatting rule to be equals value 100. On the right hand side, click on ABC 123. Then click on the bucket symbol. You can then use the color you want to display when any task Complete field equals 100. You can adjust the setting according to the conditions you want to highlight. You can also add multiple conditional formatting rules

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