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Please give Clarizen Users the ability to export the "Overview" field

I would like to suggest that Clarizen give users the ability to use the "Overview" field in the following ways:

  • The ability to add the "Overview" field as a column set in reports
  • The ability to export the "Overview" field as part of PDF reports export functions
  • The ability to export the "Overview" field as part of the Publish Slides function

The use case for this is fairly straight forward.  We are frequently asked to provide a report that shows request or project information (think project status report, etc.).  We use the Overview field in Clarizen to input the business case for each project.  Unfortunately, once it's there - we can't do anything with it. 

Please feel free to call me with additional questions or alternate suggestions.

Thank you,
Bevan Hurlbert


Bevan Hurlbert Not planned

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