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Time-phase salary rates


This is a reoccurring problem for us that the labor cost info pulled from Clarizen is not always correct due to small changes in labor salary rates.

I know that anything that has been marked as completed freezes the cost info, but it makes thing incredibly error-prone when anything gets edited/updated and means we have to split tasks "arbitrarily" due to salary changes of one resource on that task.

The same goes for the financial planning modules capability to budget cost based on project assignment. That's also affected by salary changes as the project itself is not marked complete until the end (i.e. if we are in Month 5 of a project and the salary changes the budget salary info for month 1-4 changes too) - this I have already logged as a request.


So I was wondering whether with all the time phase work going on this could be included? This would make the whole financial labor planning a lot more bulletproof for us.





Robin Head Not planned

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Hi Robin - this is a feature we are currently working on.

The solution will preserve historic rates, allow planning of future rate changes both when working with task assignment and project assignment. 

Release date is not yet finalized. 

David Goulden
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Robin - this feature - "Date Effective Rates" -  is now in General Availability. 

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