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Respect CASE for Custom External ID - Salesforce ID

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This is a CRITICAL requirement for us and probably others out there who do not even realize it. :)

Salesforce uses a 15 Digit Unique ID for all their records when viewed through the browser (web service). Turns out that Clarizen cannot handle Mixed Case External ID?!?!

Therefore, when you attempt to Customize CLZ External ID to match the SFDC Unique ID you will get an ERROR:

SFDC Object #1:


SFDC Object #2:


They are the SAME characters, but they are DIFFERENT values, but this what you will see if you attempt to use the above combination.
Therefore, you will have issues with INSERTION and RETRIEVAL; because Clarizen does not recognize CASE. The easiest solution would be to maintain CASE during INSERTION and give us a CASE parameter for RETRIEVAL, which is what most "modern" systems do.
Wilfredo Maldonado Not planned

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