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"Budgeted Work" Field Question

HI All,

So it seems that if you do not manually modify the "Budgeted Work" field at the project level, then it sums up the "Budgeted Work" values for all Milestones within the project. If you DO modify it, then any changes to that field on subitems do not affect it. Is this the expected behavior? Ideally, we do not want ANYTHING to change that field at the project level other than a user changing it.

Per this thread, it sounds like nothing should roll up to that field:

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Doug Smith Answered

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Hi Doug,


If the field is manually set (by entering a value into it) a blue triangle appears in the top right corner of the field. Once it is marked as manually set no subitem changes will roll up into it. 

If you don't want any value in it you can always set it to 0 - if you do want it to roll up again you can click on restore when you click on the field to enter values.



Hope this helps,



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