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Clarizen Adminstration

A new company implementing Clarizen for the PMO, curious how much others are seeing is needed capacity of an admin this tool takes to support/administrate and the skillset needed, Assume fairly out of the box usage, and a user base of about 100 (PMO has 12 PMs, add in project sponsors, project resources, etc...) 

Bob Benoit Answered

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Hi Bob, from personal experience, from startup I had very little actual need to carry out any sysadmin functions. However, as I learnt more about the product, I was bitten by interest and therefore my sysadmin time increased to support my drive to use of the functions. In reality, true sysadmin time is a fraction of my time. Good luck


Antony Willers 1 vote

Let's separate Admin from Development. Basic Admin functions, password reset, allocating and revoking licences, add new users and adding members to Groups can easily be treated as L1 Service Desk functions. Each task takes literally seconds to complete, so effort is extremely low. We treat all these tasks as central Service Desk functions. My effort for Admin is virtually zero each month

Development is a different question; it depends entirely on what you are looking to do. You may need PS from Clarizen unless you have a Champion who can undertake teh task. All Change Management would follow normal (ITIL) processes

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