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Custom Fields Linked to Resources

To assist with making the project templates more functional, I have created custom fields for various types of resources (i.e. Project Engineer, Salesman, etc.). To make this fully functional and make the project templates worth while, how can I input a field as a resource within the project template. That way, when these custom fields are updated at the Project level, they will automatically be updated within the tasks contained within. There must be a way to do this.

Jordan Butler Answered

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Hi !

I'm facing exactly the same issue, as Ressources have Time&Expenses or Team Member licences there is no easy way to populate task field with data entered at project level.

Today in the EU webinair I was proposed to create a workflow rule for that, unfortunately it is not working, the support send me back to the webinair or chargeable services.

I'll attend the webinair tomorrow ...

Jean from Paris

Jean Peiffer 0 votes

I would create placeholder resources as "None" (free) users as opposed to using custom fields. That way you can find & replace a Salesman resource when you know who that person is going to be.

Josh Santos 0 votes

Jordan did you ever figure this out?  I too am looking for this solution.  Thanks!

Kristin Rohrer 0 votes