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Portfolio and Programs

 Hi everyone, I would just like to know how do you use the Portfolio and Program entry? Considering its traditional definition, I am having a hard time to reflect it here in Clarizen. Can you share if you have similar experience?

Michael Andrew G. Jacinto Answered

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We use the toggle field Project or Program (Label is Portfolio) to identify when a Project is simply a Parent of many "child" Projects.  Each Portfolio represents a Business Unit in our environment.  This way we can easily filter and report on projects by the Business Unit.  

Bryan Mumma 1 vote

We are trying to use the Program work item type however, you cannot have a Program be a part of a Portfolio, only the other way around which doesn't work for our case. The below suggestion may be a workaround but then we'd have to change everything. have you figured a way to reflect them in Clarizen, Michael?

Emily Triyonis 1 vote

Hello, in my functional understanding, Portfolio can have a program and projects inside, but it is not possible to do this in Clarizen. So, like Michael, i'm quite interesting of how you use this in Clarizen. Thanks.

Emmanuel Edon 0 votes