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Filter a report by comparing two fields

Hi Guys,

In the report filtering options, for currency fields, only a numeric value field is displayed to enter a fixed value.

What I want to create a filter two compare two currency fields in the same grid.

Let's say we have FieldA and FieldB coming from our entities.
What I want to do is create a filter which will compare the values of the fields.  

1 - FilterA <> FilterB
2 - FilterA == FilterB

I tried to create a calculated field something like

For 1 - Abs(FieldA - FieldB) > 0
For 2 - Abs(FieldA - FieldB) = 0

but I guess currency fields are not compatible to use in a calculated field since they are not numeric fields. ( They have value and currency type, so the comparison is failing ) 

Is there an easy way to compare different fields in a report filter? 


Mustafa Kipergil Answered

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Hello Mustafa,

We do not support fields comparison in the reports nor in the API.



Elad Franklin

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And also how can we do this comparisan in CZQL query ?

Is Currency comparison is working in the CZQL query ? If so, could you share some examples ?

I want to write some queries like below in which FieldA and FieldB is a currency field.
So it should not only check the value but also the currency type. 

Select ExternalID, FieldA, FieldB
from Timesheets
Where FieldA <> FieldB

Select ExternalID, FieldA, FieldB
from Timesheets
Where FieldA.value <> FieldB.value

Select ExternalID, FieldA, FieldB
from Timesheets
Where FieldA.currency <> FieldB.currency



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