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Inclusive Date Subtract

I would like to subtract two dates, inclusive.  I am using the formula as written below, but am coming up 1 day short every time.


For example if I was calculating the difference between 11/05/18 and 11/23/18 I want the result to be 15 not 14.

Similarly 11/05/18 - 11/05/18 should be 1 day.

(I'm sure it is a simple fix, but I just can't seem to come up with it)

Kristin Rohrer Answered

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Traditional date math would make your latter equation result in a value of 0 (try in Excel for example). Your formulas are using dates but I assume what you really want to do is create the logic using hours functions since then it would subtract the end of a day in hours from the beginning of a day in hours and result in a value greater than 0.

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