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CZQL documentation

Hi guys,

Is there a comprehensive CZQL documentation?

There are lots of hidden and powerful features in CZQL but without a documentation and example queries, I guess everybody is struggling to use it properly.

The only example and detailed information are listed on this page.

But it would be very beneficial if you could create an extensive/advanced documentation with sample queries.

Subtopics come to my mind could be like belows : 

- Where condition 
- Joining tables
- SubQuery examples
- Advanced Count, Sum, Aggregation examples
- Currency fields in where condition
- Duration fields in where condition
- Datetime fields in where condition ( date comparison, date parts comparison )
- Save CZQL's for future use
- Use CZQL in reports

Will appreciate if you could create a documentation on CZQL... 

Mustafa Kipergil Planned

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Guys is there any update on this ? 

We are using CZQL and want to share a simple documentation with our devs.
So we dont know the limits and capabilities of CZQL in details.

If you can create a sample documentation about the topics above it would be life saver.

Mustafa Kipergil 0 votes
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I would recommend discussing this with your Customer Success Manager or with Roland.

Josh Santos 0 votes
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