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Functionality to Widen Custom Actions Pop-Up Panel in Different Object Views

Example: When a Custom Action is created on a Project module, you have the option to access the customer action via the 'custom actions' ribbon in the project view.

When you click this, a panel is prompted for the end user to work through the custom action.

I'd like to be able to increase the width of the panel that pop-ups for a custom action on the configure settings page. This will make answering free-text boxes easier for the end users.

James Bridgewater Not planned

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Hi James, 

We don't have any changes to the Custom Action form planned just yet, but for now it is possible to override the form (all custom action forms) with custom CSS.

We've been testing it internally for a while and it seems to work well, but can feel a bit big if you have simple custom action forms with a couple of small fields.


You can put this in Global Settings> Custom CSS

or if you want a more focused approach, you can use CSS at a Profile level via a Profile's> Properties> Settings> Custom CSS


div.pop-container[data-id="confirmbox"] {
width:700px !important;
left:50% !important;

David Goulden
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Hello James,


Thank you! The feature request has been escalated to our Product Team. For future reference, the feature request ID is 

Diana Sandura 0 votes
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Just so you can get some quick feedback on this ---

I've already deployed this and received positive feedback from my team. 

Use Case: 

- Upon a project closing out, we ask our team to fill out a 'Project Closeout Form'. This form has open text answers like: Biggest Win, Lessons Learned, Business Use Cases, Biggest Obstacle, Additional Closeout Notes.

- Some closeout notes can get pretty long which made the consultant have to scroll a lot.

- Widening the panel improves usability by the team.



James Bridgewater 0 votes
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