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Copy multiple items of same object type

Hi all,


Hopefully someone has some ideas on how this can be achieved, hopefully scripting a custom action can do it but I'm not sure where to start.


We current utilise some custom objects to hold details of system testing and as part of this, we hold our test scripts on the system. To make things easier, we are hoping we can create a 'Master' set of scripts on the system and just duplicate the 'Master' scripts and attach them to new projects as/when required. 

This would have to be copies of the 'Master' as they should never be changed, however the copies that are created will have additional data added to them where necessary.

Is this possible? For example, if we used a script type identifier of 'Master', would it be possible via a custom action to take all scripts of a certain type, duplicate them and add them to a specified project? The link between projects and the scripts already exists.


I hope the above makes sense but can elaborate further if not. Any help appreciated.

Jordan Collins Answered

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I'm not sure what you mean by scripts. Can you provide a specific use case? 

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