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Capacity Planning - moving staffing requests and project assignments

We currently use the capacity planning module for our future demand management. This means that we create draft projects with staffing requests based on our sales forecasts. As with all forecasts, the dates change, either moved out or brought forward, and whilst you can change the dates of the project, the staffing requests do not move with it. This results in a laborious task of manually shifting all the resources. You can use 'cut'n paste' but that is restricted to a single cell on a single row. What would be really nice would be that if the project is in draft state (or possibly a new state) then if the dates are changed then the staffing requests move with it.

Jeremy Tiley Answered

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Hi Jeremy, 

We actually have such action, allowing shift staffing requests and project assignment when the start date of the project is moved 

This is now in Controlled Availability and can be enabled in your account.  

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We are evaluating using Capacity Planning and have noticed the same thing!

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