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Sequential numbering of an ID

Each of our projects runs an Actions Log alongside the workplan - these items are more like you would find on a Prince2 Daily Log than project Tasks.

The Actions Log for each project is currently in Excel and I would like to move them to Clarizen. The project managers have said that a key field for them is the ID field and that this is a sequential number within each separate project ie. each project will have a Log that starts with action 1.

I've set the field Action ID up but cannot work out how to get this field to auto-populate with the next sequential number in each project. I'm sure it's probably quite straightforward but I just can't work it out. 


Tracy Warner Answered

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This was something we looked for in the past also and its not supported via a few different posts. You can try   this app for project numbering. If the projects are the same and can be templatized you could create custom field for the ID and then just use this as a starting place using project numbering to differentiate tasks between projects

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I spoke to our Professional Services contact who worked this out for me.

New Work Item Custom Field ‘Next Action Number Counter’. Defaults to 1.

New Task Custom Field ‘Action Number’.

New Workflow Rule ‘Update Action Number to New Action Item’.

Can share the detail if anyone else has the same issue.

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