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Allow admins to set a default value for the "IsWorkingDay" calendar exception field

When a user adds a calendar exception, Clarizen will automatically choose between "Working" and "Non Working" based on the highlighted dates. In the screenshot below, I've highlighted 1/16/19.

As the 16th is a working day on this calendar, Clarizen assumes any exceptions will be "Non Working" and selects that radio button by default.

However, if no dates are highlighted when the user clicks "Add Exception", Clarizen uses "Working" as the default.

We've been told in support request #57912 that "this is out of the box functionality and cannot be changed."

Our experience has been that this behavior only increases the risk of users making mistakes. Our users almost never add partial time-off to the calendar, so we get no benefit from having "Working" be the default value in any circumstance.

We recommend administrators be provided the option to set a fixed default value for the "IsWorkingDay" field.

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