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Error: 'Topic' and 'Scheduled Workflow Rule' cannot have a 'Workflow Queue' link between them

I originally posted this in another area of the forum, but got no response (apart from someone else having the same problem). I contacted Support and they said they couldn't help me, but I should post it here instead. So here goes...


I've created a Scheduled Workflow on the Topic object and it saves OK.

When I edit a field in the Topic, I get the following error, and the change won't save: ''Topic' and 'Scheduled Workflow Rule' cannot have a 'Workflow Queue' link between them.'.

The field in question is one of the fields used in the Evaluation Criteria of the Scheduled Workflow.

Does someone know what this error relates to, and how I can fix it?

Andrew Miller Answered

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It turns out this was a bug and is scheduled for resolution on March 31st.

Josh Santos 0 votes

Yes, the Scheduled Workflow now runs without a problem.


Thanks for fixing

Andrew Miller 0 votes