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Custom Field (Pick-list) to Custom Field (Pick-list) mapping

I am working on the Convert Request to Project custom action to include a pick-list field on the request object to map to a pick-list field on the project object. both have the same data values in the pick lists.

When I try to map Pick-list to Pick-list the system states: Error: Field $C_REQStrategicFocus has incompatible reference type

When I try to map the project pick-list to the variable input from the form I get: Error: Classes 'Strategic Focus' and 'Strategic Focus' are incompatible

Guidance please? I need to be able to pass the pick-list value from the request to the project being created.

Kimberly Coates Answered

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Try using the ToString() function when referencing Pick list values. That should do the trick.

Ex: ToString($C_REQStrategicFocus)

Josh Santos 0 votes

Kimberly or Josh - I've tried creating a custom picklist field that has the same values as an existing field on  a separate entity item. How can you create duplicate picklist values?

Emily A. Walton 0 votes

Hi Emily. I had to manually enter them. More like I had 2 screens open one with the existing values and one that I needed to populate. Then I copy and paste to ensure I did not change anything.  

Kimberly Coates 0 votes