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Adding user form customization

Hi Clarizen,

While experimenting with the adding user form, I saw that the fields in the basic section could be changed, but that the advanced section had an autofill functionality, i.e. when you enter the email address the first name and last name are filled in automatically. Could you think of a way to combine those, since I'd need a form with the auto-fill and more fields than there are on the advanced section?


Thank you,

Noémie Neyron Not planned

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This form is fully customizable and all picklist and reference-to-object fields should have auto-fill capabilities.

Josh Santos 0 votes

What I mean is, in my customized form, I have the below. If I enter the email address, I still have to write the first and last names by hand. 

Whereas in advanced, as seen below, when I enter the email address and click tab, the first and last names are automatically filled with what's in the address. 


Noémie Neyron 0 votes