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Disabled Rules Notification

I recently has a Scheduled Workflow Rule pop a lot of errors... I'm not certain of why but it seems to have been the evening before a mid-week system maintenance was performed so I suspect whatever needed maintenanced caused the issue... but I digress.

Subsequently, the SWR was suspended because of the number of errors it produced.  I was unaware of that until several days later (today) when i wanted to create a new SWR in the same space.

*CR incoming*  It would be nice if the Configure tab of the System Settings had some kind of indicator of anything that has been suspended by the system (as opposed to disabled by the admin). Preferably some kind of external notification, for example an email, but at the least some kind of 'Attention' icon or banner on the page.

If the offending SWR would have been at the Reports level, I may not have noticed it being suspended for months.

Richard Mann Not planned

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