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Add Default Client/Customer Name Field to Resource Load Screen

We need to be able to display the client name on our Team's individual Resource Load schedules.


In most areas of Clarizen you can control what your User's can see via their Profile. For some reason you cannot control what columns they see when viewing their Resource Load. Currently, they just see the project name and the parent name but no Customer/Client name. Those of us such as Admin, Resource Managers or Project Managers can see the Client Name column, as we have access to the "gear icon" where we can add it. However, our Timesheet Users don't have the gear icon, as we don't want them adding and removing columns. We would love to be able to set their view so they can see what we want them to see and most importantly add the Customer/Client name for clarity on who they are working for. For our organization, not knowing the client name can cause confusion on the assignment. 

1. Please add Customer/Client column as a default column on the Resource Load so it automatically appears without the need for using the gear icon for column customization. 

2. Please allow Admin's the ability to control what User's see (their view) on the Resource Load.


Thanks for the consideration!

Laura Doerr Not planned

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