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Timesheet Data Loading

Hi there,


Was wondering if anyone could provide me with any tips or pointers on data loading timesheets into Clarizen?


I basically need to mass-book a number of times for different system users in the system, I need to load against specific task(s) in the workplan for specific project(s). I cannot work out how to achieve this as when I set my data loader sheet up, WorkItem is pointing to a different task from a random project in the system (I believe this is because we use similiar task names in all plans)


Also, how do you format the duration field for data loading? I want to insert as hours but it is defaulting to days. I have tried to add 'h' and 'Hours' suffix but to no avail. 


Any help much appreciated.

Jordan Collins Answered

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Hi Jordan,

Good question! Please refer to my attached image as a reference. For the WorkItem column, I recommend using the ID of the field. For example, it would be something like T-xxxxxx where the "x" are numbers. 

If you want the duration to format to hours, just add an "h" after the number. Please make sure to add a space between the number and the letter.

Tom Do
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