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How to embed images in Send Email action ?


I am trying to send an email via Send Email action step and want to place an image in the body.

But I guess HTML tags are stripped and only the texts are sending inside the body.

I tried 

<img src="path">

tag but it didn't work.

Is it possible to send an email with image content ? 


Mustafa Kipergil Answered

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(It's possible you are merely neglecting to close the img-tag with a "/".)

I've only attempted this with an image saved within Clarizen and not an external link.  The code/HTML to add within the email body:

<img src="{GetImage('customicon','background2')+'?w=640'}"} />

CustomIcon is standard field located on the Organization.  You upload specific images via Edit of the Picklist here: 

background2 happens to the name of a saved image in this example; width is option, but I would recommend.

Also, I've found the email feature's HTML interpreter to be extremely literal with spaces and line breaks.  I format my HTML with no spaces (except for displayed text) and no line breaks---this results in terribly long strings of endless text, but looks best then receiving an email.

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