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Automatic Linking of Time off requests (PTO) to PTO fields in Timsheets

HI. Can we automatcally link any PTO requests that are approved directly into the users (associate requesting PTO) Timesheet? the time off will be greyed out in the timesheet view , however, many of the users then do not add in the PTO on the timesheet and we want this to happen automatically for them if possible.



Jacqualyne Chambers Answered

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There very well may be a better mechanism, but an overnight Scheduled Workflow Rule for User may suit your needs.  

The function GetWorkingTimeForGivenPeriod() returns working hours for a specified period.  Consider the below logic, if today's hours are zero and not a weekend....

(Note: you could add a placeholder user's calendar to check for other calendars which may indicate a non-working day.  The more complex your organization use of calendars is, your logic here might need to be more sophisticated.)

Then...Create a new Timesheet: 


And Timesheet is created: 


Also, from the Timesheet View, see that the column of the 11th is grayed-out because its a non-working day for this user per it's individual calendar.  (I'm pretty sure this is standard Clarizen functionality.)

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