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Enhancement desperately needed for Slide Publisher Roadmap!

We are reaching over 800 users and growing more each day. There number one complaint is the project roadmap on the slide publisher. It comes out nearly illegible no matter which way we try to fit it onto the slide. We desperately need an enhancement to the Roadmap so that we can view it on the slide publisher. At times we have projects expanding over a few years and the slide publisher roadmap does not show the milestones without overlapping them where you can't see some of them at all. 

Please, please help!

Kimberly Novakovich Not planned

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There are many of us that are requesting this as well (hopefully your interest will assist in getting this going sooner) - see this existing thread and a mockup of what I thought it might look like:


I believe if you contact your CSM (Customer Success Manager) that they can get you added to the feature request as an interested party.

As you can see in the other thread Boris mentioned it has an id of: CR-236572


While your request was talking about just slide publisher - I think that if this gets fixed in the web interface - it may then flow through to slide publisher in the same manner.


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