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Monday Date in a report


I have weekly assigned hours for resources and I want to generate a report, in which I want to know which week has how many hours assigned to every resource. 

   The week column should contain the monday date of that week. How do I pick up monday date for every week ? Which field do I pick up ? Do I need to customize / create a formula column to pick up mondays ? How do I create a formula column / syntax etc ? 



Nishant Kumar Answered

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Hello Nishant,

You won't be able to calculate a Monday of a given date in a report formula column, because some functions are not allowed there due to performance reasons. My suggestion is to use a custom field. The following formula should return Monday of the week Date is in:

Date - Days(Case(ToString(Date, "ddd"), "Mon", 0, "Tue", 1, "Wed", 2, "Thu", 3, "Fri", 4, "Sat", 5, 6))

Please let me know if this helps.

Best regards,


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