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Staffing Requests - Reportable item in Clarizen Reporting Tool

Good Morning,

Our Enterprise Portfolio Management Team would like to report on the staffing requests submitted by end users for work items in Clarizen.

We would like to track the following in regards to the Staffing Request object:

  • requestor
  • requested date
  • approver
  • approval date
  • number of resources requested
  • Updates to the initial request; did the number of resources change?

Being able to track this data and compare it to the project actuals will tell us how well we are doing in regards to our initial estimate of requested resources. 

Example: PM requests 2 resources for three months from Team A and 3 resources for three months from Team B.  During the project closure when the project is analyzed we look at the actuals of time reported in Clarizen and we find that we used 5 resources from Team A and 1 resource from Team B.  Our Request to Actual comparison was off by 3 resources for Team A and 2 resources for Team B. 

This historical information on the project will help us improve the initial request for resources and better predict staffing needs.

Coates, Kimberly Not planned

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Hi Kimberly, 

Thanks for your input.

Exposing staffing request data for Clarizen's reporting module is part of our product roadmap for resource management.

Many Thanks,


Ronen Aseo 0 votes
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Thanks for the update Ronen.  Do you have a link to the roadmap or estimated date when this feature will be available?

Dodge, Shane 1 vote
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Hi! Is there an update on being able to report on staffing requests?

Colleen Ford 1 vote
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Hi Clarizen team, I need this as well - to be able to create a Clarizen report on a set of staffing reuqests. Is this now available?

Vijay Kumar 0 votes
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