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Email - Send Update Request, be restricted by selection in the Work Plan

Often times we only want to send updates to a subset of those people listed in the Work Plan.


It would be great if we could select milestones or individual tasks and have the 'Email - Send Update Request' to only email those resources belonging to the tasks/milestones selected.


Use cases:

1.) We want to get approval on the project and we have a milestone whose tasks consist of resources to grant approval.  We click on that milestone and select 'Email - Send Update Request' and the email gets sent to only those in that selected milestone with those tasks.


2.) For very large projects that last for many months there may be several phases or milestones.  At the start of the project we may only want to select the first and second milestones to the Resources for updates - since sending them the tasks in the later milestones would be useless since that work isn't for several months.

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