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Allow setting task assignment Units(%) directly in Work Plan

In Microsoft Project, to set % allocation of a resource to 25% on an individual task, we just add [25] to the right of the resource name.  Then I can also see that allocation within the Work Plan.

In Clarizen, I perform about 5 clicks, then repeat the process because I did not click outside of the Units(%) box after changing the value and before clicking the Save button.  The Maximum Project Availability option for each resource helps a bit here if you set that before doing any resource assignments to Tasks, but changing a resource % on a given task is incredibly painful when it needs to be done.  And then I have no idea what I set the value to without opening the task or performing 3 clicks again.

Can a way be provided to click a resource on a task and just reset their % for that task without lots of clicks (maybe right click - "Change Units(%)" ).  And then to be able to see those values in the Work Plan.

Drew Van Houten Not planned

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