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AD Sync 2.0 Domain Name Use

Good Day,

We upgrading to the AD Sync 2.0 for SSO.  The new interface allows us to set-up multiple domains using the IP Address and login credentials for that IP.  In fact, we can enter in multiple domains. Outlined on the success site link below:

However, we can only enter in an IP address in the domain filed. We would like to be able to enter a Domain Name and allow the system to find the available IP address in the domain range limits. 

Can we enhance the AD Sync 2.0 interface to allow for this?

Coates, Kimberly Completed

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Hi Kimberly, 

When did you download the version from the Apps Marketplace?

We added support for domain connection a few months back, but it's possible you downloaded the package prior to that. 


David Goulden
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