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Project-Grouped Resource Load Module - Organized by Task

We utilize the resource load module extensively, and our project managers want to see the resource load module organized in the following order:

Project - Task - Resource

The current order is Project-Resource-Task. They like to see how the tasks are progressing (in terms of hour usage by resources) all in one place, and right now our managers are exporting the report to excel and manipulating it to try and see their work plan organized by task first. We're trying to develop a report to show the information broken up this way, but we're having trouble doing so. It would be much better if you had it as an option in the module, so that managers could re-assign hours directly from the the report their viewing. 


The new feature of having project groupings in the resource load module is great, and having the option to organize it by task would make it even better.





Monica Lippens Not planned

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I have not seen any progress towards this, but it definitely something our PMs would still like to see happen!


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