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First User Login

Good Day,

I am looking for a way to trigger a rule leveraging the first user login. Is anyone doing this today?

Coates, Kimberly Answered

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Kimberly,  if you add the person as a project 'resource' that individual will then get the 'welcome to clarizen' email with the link - is this what you require?

Daryl Hurst 0 votes

Hello Daryl,

Unfortunately No, the business rule is not that simple.  Our use case is that we have employees provisioned a Clarizen account weeks before they actually start using the tool.  This practice is allowed to ensure we do not get backlogged at our service desk with new employee on-boarding and account set-up practices. When the end user logs into Clarizen for the first time we want to trigger the rules to set them up for time reporting compliance if the employee is required to report time in Clarizen.  Given that Clarizen Does not capture the end users 1st log in I was looking to write a rule that would do that for us.  However, with weeks of trying and Clarizen input via Adv Config working sessions and PS hours we have not ben able to achieve this.

I have settled for the rule running constantly and when a user logs in to check the key attributes and set-up the employee for time reporting and compliance tracking if the attributes are met and they were not in that state previously.  In the long run this may be a better solution in case employees move in and out of the Required Time Reporting state indicated by the key attribute parameters.

It would be great to be able to use a 1st login to trigger licensing provisioning. This way we are not assigning a user license weeks or months in advance.

Coates, Kimberly 0 votes