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CZQL reference Project

Could anyone please help me to get the project SYSID of the Project I'm in.  I have created a custom Panel and I can't figure out how to call the CurrentObject. 

In the code below, I need the "P-801" to dynamically update when I go from one project to another.

I'm using CZQL inside a script


var projectsQuery = "Select Name, C_WorksiteAddress, C_GPSLocation, Description, TrackStatus, PlannedRevenue, DueDate, Duration from Task " +
"where C_WorksiteAddress<>'' AND State='Active' and Project IN (SELECT ID FROM project WHERE SYSID='" + "P-801" + "') limit 1000 ";

API.Objects.query(projectsQuery, function(markers)



Juan Holtzhausen

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