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When adding dependency, "Show current project's items" should actually show only current project's items

When you add a dependency, you can select to filter and only "show current project's items" However, this doesn't just show current project items, but all the items that are under the current project's parent items. So, if my project's parent is a portfolio, then I see ALL tasks in that portfolio - not just what is in my project.

By far, most work item dependencies created are within the same project. So, being able to filter for just work times within that project you are working in would be the most common filter. Further, a good method to filter this way becomes even more important if users are following best practice and leveraging project templates – in which case, we can have a great number of projects in the same portfolio created with the same template and same task names. For example, if I have a common task, “Create detailed design document” in my template, potentially that task for every single project in this portfolio will come up in the filter. To limit this, I should be able to filter just for work items in this particular project to create an internal project dependency in this particular project.

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