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Feature request: Breadcrumbs trail for team member licenses

As per default it is not possible for users with a Team member license to access the breadcrumb trail in their task list, like full license users can. Meaning that for my specific customers, team member license users can be added to parent tasks and child tasks as resources. When accessing their task list and selecting/drilling into a child task, they are unable to follow the breadcrumb to the parent task (like full license users can when they are in a child-task or task or milestone). It is the little blue links directly under the project/milestone/task name I am referring to.

Please if you support this feature request vote for it, so that this might get added some day :-)

regards Lien

Lien Perk Not planned

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I think this might be related to the fact that Team members cannot access the full project. That is a business decision, not a technical one (Full licenses are required for full project visibility).

Josh Santos 0 votes
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