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Calculate an end date based upon current progress

Attempting to create a report highlight that will show the calculated end date of a particular task based upon maximum current variance.

Filter: $State=’Active’

Var1: Max $DueDate

Var2: Min $DueDate


Getting syntax error from the FindObject function

Add (due date from task with index #1430 <-custom field) to (variance from active minimal task date and active maximum task date)

Any help with the formula or a better way to display the highlight will be greatly appreciated.

Dennis Miller Answered

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Hello Dennis,

FindObject(1430,$C_Index,$DueDate) is not correct. The first parameter should be entity type (e. g. "Project"), the second parameter should be field API name (e. g. "SYSID") and the third parameter should be field value (e. g. "P-12345"):

Please let me know if this helps.

Thank you,


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