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Effective Rates and Expected Revenue Calculation

The current logic behind the calculation of the Expected Revenue field is very problematic. Calculating the Expected Revenue using solely the Rate Date of the task start date means that you know it will be inaccurate much of the time, nearly all of the time if there are different Rate Date ranges at play during the task. It would be more accurate if it at least updated from the actual start date of the task once time was billed to it. To be really accurate however, something like the following might be a better calculation:

Expected Revenue= Spent Budget + (Remaining effort X Today's applicable Rate Date Rate).

This is still not perfect (as it doesn't take future planned rate changes into account), but at least it takes past billing and the current rate for remaining hours into account.

You could get a very accurate Expected Revenue by having it calculate as such: Expected Revenue= Spent Budget + (Remaining Effort X Rate Date Rate), and then manually updating the rate date after the change in rates had occurred. Better yet, if the Rate Date automatically updated to the current day, it would be pretty spot-on.

We will need to implement some type of fix along these lines for us at least, because the rate being pulled from the start date is not really helpful for us at all-- it allows PMs to unknowingly overbill their projects, which we absolutely must avoid as a non-profit. 

For future reference, the feature request ID is CR-563258.

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