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Reporting help for actual and remaining effort for multiple resources on the same task.

Need help in modifying a work item report I've drafted. The intent of the report is to show the individual actual effort and remaining effort for a resource(s) by task. All efforts have been manually updated on the work plan. We are not using timesheets.

Right now I can run my report for a single resource, but I'm getting the combined actual and remaining effort totals for a task for all the resources on that same task and not the actual and remaining values that I can see at the workplan level for just the one resource.

I know we can create subtasks and assign them to just one individual resource as a "sort of workaround", but that presents yet another reporting problem...the subtask effort amounts show up for the lone resource correctly but then I'm faced with a duplication on the report of both the subtask and the main task.

Any reporting tips would be greatly appreciated.

Gwen West

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