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BLOCK users from making changes until SENDING message disappears

I am surprised no one has complained about this before, but I could not find another FEEDBACK \ SUGGESTION out there.

Anyway, the problem: Users. Web UI. Real Time.

They basically assume the Web Interface is "real time" and once they click on the page and submit a change, they move on something else on the page and submit another change. This goes on and on; which will eventually generate some "cascade errors", because Workflows need time to run and some of them include "queued activities", which might impact something a user might do in a later step or even another user.

This is a common topic in IT with regards to "race conditions", "deadlocks", etc; but the only suggestion we can provide users is - "Please wait until the SENDING message at the bottom of the screen disappears".

Unfortunately, "humans" are not exactly patient and they easily forget; but you also have more and more new employees across multiple countries that do not understand SENDING. So what is my request?

Solution: Can you please BLOCK ANY and ALL click interactions until the change has been committed? This is similar to logic employed to prevent "double clicking" of form buttons that you see employed by banks and other financial webpages. This can even be enhanced with a white transparent layer to "signal" the user that something is being submitted and can actually disappear quickly if the change is quick.

This type of logic could be used to prevent users from submitting any other changes on the page until the change is completed. You can then go one step further and have a popup appear in the middle of the layer if the transaction is taking longer than 5 seconds. This will "signal" the user further that the process is taking longer than expected, but will keep them from clicking away or trying to override.

We are seeing more and more "errors" in our logs due to this type of behavior. Users are basically trying to submit multiple changes within a few seconds without allowing the system to commit the changes and this is causing "timeout" errors or worse. If a workflow "fails" then a value does not get updated, an email does not get sent out, etc; so this really should be taken seriously. A little SENDING message at the bottom of the screen is not enough for most (ALL) users, because they do not really understand the difference between a FAT client vs a WEB page. They just want the change NOW, so we need to BLOCK them for their own good.

Please make this happen and everyone else reading this, PLEASE VOTE UP; because Clarizen does not work on something until there are 100 votes.

Wilfredo Maldonado Not planned

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