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Automating Linking of Related Objects

Good Day,

I am working on a solution for our end users and need some assistance.  

The business request: On the project intake form i want the requestor of the project to list all "Products" impacted by the work being performed in project work item. The products listed (1 or more) will appear on the request details page for processing of the request. Any product listed should be linked to the request as a related item. When a project is created from the request the products will transfer to the project. Any product listed should be linked to the project as a related item.

The Issue: I am able to configure the entire process with the exception of adding the related item links automatically.  If I use a reference-to-object data field type to refer to our custom object Product our end users can only select 1 product. This does not meet the requestor use case. If using a multi-select pick list data field type the end user can select multiple products but 1) the list of products must be maintained separate from the actual Product objects and 2) we cannot automate the creation of the link to the related product items. 

Is there an advanced way to automate the creation of the related Product objects using a multi-select field type?

Coates, Kimberly Answered

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Hi Kimberly,

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. Feature request:

There are two workarounds that I can think of. Both are not ideal:

1) Use a multi-select picklist

2) Use multiple reference to object fields in the custom action's form.

Best regards,


Roland Pumputis
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