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Timesheet reminder to fix time entry on a non-working day

Hello, Our employees keep receiving an email that they need to fix a time entry on a non-working day. this is a valid entry cause they actually work on that non-working day. As their admin, how can i remove this from the timetracking errors? Please see sample

The following days in Clarizen Timesheets need your attention:

Date Submitted time
07/08/2021 non-working day
TOTAL (MONTH): Not tracked 8 h
17/09/2021 0 h
27/09/2021 0 h
28/09/2021 0 h
29/09/2021 0 h
TOTAL (MONTH): Not tracked 32 h
Jovelyn David Answered

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Hi Jovelyn,

I don't think this is possible.

Best regards,


Roland Pumputis
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