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Set or Update Time-phase Financial Data via API

Under Set or Update Time-phase Financial Data using Workflow Rules – Clarizen Success it is explained how to create or update NLR Time Phase Data. What would a JSON request look like? We retrieve actuals from SAP and want to refresh (create or update) the actuals through an API interface. Workitem ID, NLR ID, FiscalMonth and of course the actuals (value and currency) should serve as input.

Frank Sieweke Answered

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Hi Frank,

Creating Financial Timephase Date is a two-step process. First, you have to create a NonLaborResourceLinkDirect link between the work item and NLR:


{"id": "/NonLaborResourceLinkDirect", "WorkItem": "/WorkItem/xxx", "NonLaborResource": "/NonLaborResource/xxx", other relevant fields...}

In the response, you will receive the ExternalId of the link that was just created.

Then you can create NonLaborResourceTimePhase on the link created in the first step like so:


{"id": "/NonLaborResourceTimePhase", "RelatedLink": "/NonLaborResourceLinkDirect/ExternalIdFromStepOne", other relevant fields...}

I hope this helps.


Roland Pumputis
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