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How to relaunch the same form

Have a form that can create, update, and delete a to-do task associated with a project (Custom Action on Project). Have a mandatory yes/no field that asks them if they are all done and if "Yes", then it just closes like usually, but if they select "No" we want the form to automactilly relaunch. We automactilly launch forms all the time from other forms but when you relaunch the same form or launch the 1st form from a 2nd form launch from the 1st form, you get a validation errors that says "The custom action can't run as it is causing loops." Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Success (Optional) selection when Open URL is selected:{IF(varAllDone = 'No',GetCustomActionUrl('FormName',GetRuntimeParameter(CurrentObject())),CurrentObject())}

Devlend Maul Answered

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Hi Devlend,

The rules are calling each other and the system is detecting a loop. It throws an error for protection as it does not know if there is an exit in your logic. If the expected custom action chain is not too long, my suggestion is to create more such rules and chain them, just not in a loop.

I hope this helps.


Roland Pumputis
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